the Salento  


This strip of land kissed by the sun and bathed by the Ionian and Adriatic ‘in recent years become the undisputed place of vacation and tourism, where tourists from around the world gather to spend their holiday relaxing, caressed by the waves of sea ​​and pampered by a hospitable population that puts the tourist in terms of not … more ..ripartire ‘. The brand and Salento ‘was exported all over the world and from all over the world today, just like a boomerang, get thousands and thousands of people attracted to this wonderful land, colors, flavors, climate, traditions. Parties, festivals, events, good wine, art, culture, history, food, sun, sea, pinches, and this’ the Salento. Dall’Alba peoples, December 31 in Otranto the Notte della Taranta, in August in Melpignano, Salento becomes a crossroads for tourists, just the night of Taranta where they performed as well as groups of Salento folk music called pizzica and famous songwriters Italian, he has passed the wall of 150.000 presence. Lecce, the capital of the Salento Peninsula, ‘a city’ full of history, with the stunning Roman amphitheater, the Church of Santa Croce with the Rosone more ‘famous in the world, The Cathedral and the Cathedral, Palazzo dei Celestini seat of the Province; Lecce the city ‘of the Baroque, and famous Pasticciotto Leccese. Impossible not to fall in love with this land, its colors and flavors of the sea of ​​Torre Bear, Roca, San Foca, Otranto, Santa Cesarea, Porto Badisco, Castro, Leuca, Pesculuse, called the Caribbean of Salento, Gallipoli, Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Caterina, Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo. The Salento and its goodies, like beautiful postcards, which have been around the world: the Two Sisters, two rocks that look and seem genuinely twin sisters; the bridge of Ciolo overlooking the blue sea of ​​Capo di Leuca; Caves of Zinzulusa in Castro, Punta Palascia in Otranto, the Cave of the Poetry in Roca, one of the 10 natural pools most ‘beautiful in the world; and then again Leuca, Finibus Terre, the intersection between the two seas, sunsets. We wait in Salento, the sun, the sea, the wind. To book your vacation      click here.

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